Insight Investment Immediate Insights - 25 KB
Gareth Colesmith, senior European fixed income portfolio manager, comments on the latest developments and the implications for bond markets. Read more...
Insight Investment Immediate Insights - 25 KB
Insight’s Colm McDonagh assesses the credit risk posed by concerns over lending in China and explains why he is holding Chinese corporate bonds in the much-maligned property sector. Watch in full here...
Insight Investment Fixed income
Insight's Colm McDonagh and Towers Watson's Ed Britton discuss the impact of recent emerging market volatility on pension funds' sovereign debt holdings, and assess value in the market. Watch here...
Click here for the latest update from our Absolute Insight team showing positioning across the main asset classes and a look behind the portfolios to the thinking of the fund managers on market events. To read more...
Insight’s Peter Bentley, Head of UK and Global Credit, explains how contingent convertible bonds (CoCos) can be put to use in your portfolio. Listen to the full interview here…

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