New fund launch - 16 KB
Insight Investment broadens its range of credit funds further with the launch of the Insight Short-Dated High Yield Bond Fund. To read more...
New fund launch - 16 KB
Insight Investment is enhancing its range of credit funds with the introduction of the Insight Buy and Maintain Bond Fund. To read more...
Insight Investment Illiquid credit - 14 KB
Alex Veroude discusses how alternative investments, such as illiquid credit, may be an ideal match for the investment needs of local authority pension schemes. To read more...
Insight Investment has forged ahead with its own overarching client clearing agreement to minimise the documentation impact on the manager’s clients. To read more...
New fund launch - 16 KB
Insight Investment, one of the UK’s leading institutional investment managers, has added a second broad spectrum, absolute return bond fund to its 'Bonds Plus' Fund Range. To read more...

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Our quest to bridge the obvious gap between client needs and available solutions

Innovation is at the heart of our proposition and our brand. In fact, over 80% of our existing mandates are in strategies that didn’t exist when we started out ten years ago.

In our quest to bridge the gap between what clients need and the investment solutions available, our approach is to go back to basics. Doing this – without the constraints of traditional industry thinking – has enabled us to bring revolutionary ideas to market, many of which have had a meaningful impact on the industry.

In the Insight Innovation Lab, you can learn about our new funds, access our latest thought pieces and read about our views on the latest market events.

To provide some inspiration we have added a few other features which you might enjoy.