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Globally, we manage $143.3 billion* in fixed income assets with expertise across the spectrum of fixed income opportunities.

We have an experienced and well-resourced team of over 100 fixed income specialists globally managing assets against a range of traditional and highly bespoke benchmarks. Our global capabilities span the full developed and emerging government and credit makets. Our US investment capabilities encompass a wide range of US fixed income strategies including core, long duration, high yield, loans, absolute return and liability risk management.

These capabilities form Insight's fixed income significant research and portfolio management expertise in the world's biggest and most diverse credit market.

Our combined global secured lending and loans capability gives Insight a strong position in the space of low-default risk, illiquid credit investments.

We also manage short duration, high quality portfolios for public entities'  operating cash assets, tailored to their specific cash flow and risk tolerances.

Our strategies

US corporate

This corporate bond strategy offers investors a diversified way to gain broad US dollar investment grade credit exposure. The strategy targets dynamic sub-sector allocation and bottom-up security selection as the main potential sources of return, while typically maintaining duration close to benchmark. Strong risk controls are integral to the management of the strategy.

US core

This strategy offers broad US fixed income exposure designed to offer investors a core bond holding as part of a balanced overall portfolio. This active strategy offers an alternative to passive approach to core fixed income, combining top-down active sector allocation with bottom-up security selection, drawing on the expertise of our research analysts. The strategy will primarily invest in investment grade US fixed income with modest allocation to non-benchmark sectors.

US core plus

This core plus strategy seeks to maximize risk-adjusted excess returns. It invests primarily in investment grade US fixed income with the goal of consistently outperforming its benchmark through the active management of interest rate positioning, sector allocation and security selection. This strategy's excess returns will also come from active allocation to non-benchmark sectors such as high yield and emerging market debt.

US intermediate

Our intermediate fixed income strategy offers investors a diversified, risk-controlled approach to gain broad fixed income exposure to the intermediate part of the yield curve. This active strategy aims to generate excess returns primarily through sector allocation and security selection.

US select income

An income-oriented approach to fixed income investing which invests in a range of investment grade and high yield securities. These assets include corporate bonds, US government obligations, mortgage and asset-backed securities and others.

US long duration

This strategy is suited for investors that have long-dated liabilities. It blends long duration US government and credit securities with the goal of maximizing risk-adjusted excess return. The strategy seeks to take advantage of pricing and spread inefficiencies in long-dated fixed income assets as well as to enhance returns with modest opportunistic use of non-benchmark assets.

Global credit

This global credit strategy scours the fixed income universe for the best investment opportunities to deliver strong risk-adjusted excess returns versus its benchmark. Though focused on investment grade securities, this strategy has the latitude to invest across the full spectrum of credit opportunities. 

Buy and maintain

This strategy aims to deliver global credit exposure in a smarter way than traditional indexation. It invests in bonds from investment grade quality issuers with strong long-term fundamentals with a view to avoiding defaults and material loss and with sector weights that are more balanced than issuance-driven passive benchmarks. Additionally, reinvestment of coupons and modest turnover are used to keep duration constant.

Global aggregate

This strategy provides broad global bond market exposure and fully utilizes the expertise of our 98-strong global fixed income team. The strategy is based on a top-down approach and combines views on global government bonds, investment grade credit, global high yield and emerging markets. Security selection is bottom-up and captures the best ideas of the team.

Emerging market corporate debt

A 'best ideas' portfolio investing in emerging market corporate debt designed to capture the structured opportunity of investing in the asset class. This strategy has multiple sources of alpha, starting with top-down country allocation (61 countries), combining this with bottom-up credit analysis (905 issuers, US$1.6 trillion universe), liquidity management and instrument selection.

*all data as of March 31, 2017.

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