Global credit

Our global credit strategy aims to generate an excess total return (comprising both income and capital growth) of 1.5% pa* by investing primarily in investment grade debt and debt-related instruments issued by companies globally (including financial institutions).


Access to all major credit regions: a global approach to credit management can take advantage of relative value across regions as different countries progress through different phases of global credit cycles.

Diversified approach across credit assets: a focus in global investment grade with the flexibility to invest in attractive ideas across the credit spectrum including high yield, loans, asset-backed securities, emerging market debt, government bonds and currency.

Precision and diversification: our fixed income investment philosophy focuses on the delivery of consistent performance by the application of these two key investment principles, targeting specific sources of return and ensuring no single source of risk dominates performance.

Managed by an experienced team: the portfolio managers have what we believe to be a strong track record in managing global credit strategies using a robust and repeatable investment process. Our credit analysis team is one of the best-resourced and most highly-experienced globally. Our investment professionals are specialists, not generalists.


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Global Credit Strategy Profile

Searching the globe for credit opportunities, the Insight global credit strategy takes a global, diversified approach to fixed income investing.

Strategy in Numbers

2011 strategy launched

41 credit analysts

21years average industry experience of lead portfolio managers

$74.3bn of credit managed by the credit team

*The targeted rates of return are hypothetical returns, and are for illustrative purposes only. Accordingly, no assumptions or comparisons should be made based upon these returns. Hypothetical returns are subject to inherent limitations. One limitation is that the returns do not take into account the impact that market and economic risks, such as defaults, pre-payments, and reinvestment rates, may have on actual trading. In no circumstances should the targeted returns be regarded as a representation, warranty or prediction that the specific deal will reflect any particular performance or that it will achieve or is likely to achieve any particular result or that investors will be able to avoid losses, including total losses of their investment.

All data as of March 31, 2017. Assets under management (AUM) are represented by the value of cash securities and other economic exposure managed for clients. 

Insight is the corporate brand for certain companies operated by Insight Investment Management Limited (IIML). Insight includes, amongst others, Insight Management (Global) Limited (IIMG), Pareto Investment Management Limited (PIML), Cutwater Asset Management Corp (CAMC)  Cutwater Investor Services Corp (CISC) and Insight North America LLC (INA), each of which provides asset management services.
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