Insight Investment Immediate Insights - 25 KB
Gareth Colesmith, senior European fixed income portfolio manager, comments on the latest developments and the implications for bond markets. Read more...
Andy Cawker tells how Insight has built a successful market-neutral equity fund using a discretionary management approach. To read more...
Insight Investment builds presence in UK wholesale marketplace. Read our press release >
Our award winning Absolute Insight fund range includes investment approaches from equity market neutral, emerging market debt, credit and currency as well as a fund of funds that invests across the different strategies. Find out more...
Absolute Insight
Investing across our range of absolute return funds, the Absolute Insight Fund offers investors a diversified, multi-strategy approach to absolute return investing. Find out more...
Absolute Insight desk report
Discover the latest views and opinions from the team behind the successful Absolute Insight UK Equity Market Neutral and BNYM Absolute Return Equity Funds. To read more...
Insight Investment Immediate Insights - 25 KB
David Hooker, senior inflation-linked portfolio manager at Insight Investment comments on the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee's inflation forecast. Read more...
BNY Mellon have reached an agreement for the acquisition of Cutwater Asset Management, a US-based fixed income specialist with approximately $23bn in assets under management. To read more...
Insight Investment Immediate Insights - 25 KB
After the Federal Reserve formally announced the end of Quantitative Easing in the US, the Bank of Japan decided to increase the scale of its asset purchase programme dramatically. Read more...

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