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Our responsible investment activities are overseen by the ESG Working Group1, which consists of senior managers from across the business, representing investment management, risk, human resources and communications departments.

The ESG Working Group sets, reviews and monitors the implementation of responsible investment. It focuses particularly on the following:

  • Identifying new/emerging ESG issues
  • Prioritising issues that require further action
  • Ensuring that agreed actions are implemented.

The ESG Working Group reports twice a year to the Business Management Forum, a senior management group of Insight executives and employees chaired by Insight’s Chief Executive Officer.

Over the course of 2017, the ESG Working Group’s efforts have resulted in continued new developments, including:

  • We developed what we believe to be the investment industry’s first comprehensive ranking of how corporate fixed income issuers manage their climate changerelated risks and opportunities
  • We built on our wide-ranging expertise and experience of responsible investment to develop a new sustainable euro corporate bond strategy
  • We created a framework to help our credit analysts assess sustainable bonds.

ESG Working Group members include:

David Averre, Head of Credit Analysis

David Jamieson, Senior Market Strategist

David Chellew, Head of Marketing

Joshua Kendall, ESG Analyst

Lynne Dalgarno, Head of Human Resources

Victoria May, Head of Institutional, North America

Jonathan Eliot, Chief Risk Officer

Bonnie Smith, Product Director

Adrian Grey, Global Chief Investment Officer,
Member of the Executive Management Committee

Rory Sullivan, Responsible Investment Advisor


Insight’s ESG Analyst, supported by our Responsible Investment Advisor, leads the responsible investment strategy and ensures that our investment processes remain consistent with the new Responsible Investment Policy.

Responsible investment in numbers

  • A+ / A Awarded A+ and A ratings across all relevant categories in the 2018 UN-Supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) survey
  • 2006 Founding signatory to the PRI
  • Tier 1 Top ranking from the UK’s Financial Reporting Council, signifying “a good quality and transparent description of [our] approach to stewardship”

1 Please note: we changed the ESG Risk Working Group to ESG Working Group in July 2017.

The Financial Reporting Council is the UK’s independent regulator responsible for promoting high quality corporate governance and reporting to foster investment. Among other activities, the FRC sets the UK Stewardship Code. To improve the quality of reporting, encourage greater transparency, and maintain the Code’s credibility, the FRC assessed signatories based on the quality of their Code compliance statements. Full details are available at www.frc.org.uk/investors/uk-stewardship-code/uk-stewardship-code-statements.