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Insight manages a small cash holding in equities for our clients. Most of our equities exposure is through derivatives, which means we have less ability to direct and control companies through voting. We review a range of financial and non-financial factors as part of our investment strategy, and the equities team engages directly with companies where they deem it necessary.

Our voting activity relates to our equity income portfolios, and we consider factors relevant to ESG issues. Equity portfolios focus on UK issuers, where we believe there to be comparable and typically strong governance standards with sufficient regulatory oversight.

For our specialist equities funds, where we hold ownership positions1, we meet with companies to discuss investment risks and opportunities. These meetings involve a review of all salient business investment issues, including strategy, financial performance, and ESG factors where relevant.

Our investment focus is UK and European-listed entities and meetings are organised directly with companies or via their advisers.

For 2016, our engagement activities are shown in the graphic below.

Dialogue with company management

Dialogue with company management


1 We note that over 90% of our holdings in these funds are via derivatives rather than shares.

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