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    Responsible investment in multi-asset

    Responsible investment in multi-asset

    24 June 2021 Multi-asset, Responsible investment
    A responsible approach to multi-asset investment

    Environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks can be important drivers of investment value. We believe investing responsibly by taking such factors into account should be a central consideration for investors – and we aim to do so in our flagship multi-asset strategy.

    In practice, we seek to integrate a responsible approach across all asset classes within our strategy, including market index-based securities, pooled funds and our direct holdings, which include listed infrastructure companies. By incorporating a responsible approach into each of the asset classes in which we invest, we have the flexibility to shift allocations without compromising our responsible investment goals.

    1. We have engaged extensively to encourage the development of derivatives for ESG-screened indices, such as the S&P 500 ESG Index. Our strategy’s market-based ESG exposures typically aim to allocate capital towards constituents with better ESG ratings and limit exposures to tobacco, controversial weapons, thermal coal and companies not in compliance with the UN Global Compact.

    2. ESG considerations are a key component within the pooled funds we invest in, with Insight’s debt portfolio managers utilising our proprietary Prime corporate and sovereign ESG ratings

    3. Infrastructure holdings are a focus for analysis and engagement. In partnership with Insight’s Responsible Investment Team, we have introduced proprietary ESG scores for all infrastructure holdings, assisted by our proprietary questionnaire for companies we invest in, designed to fill in any information gaps on ESG-related issues. We then maintain regular engagement with investee management and company boards regarding governance, and broader social and environmental related issues.
    To read more about how we invest responsibly in our multi-asset strategy, please read our paper.
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