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Insight’s Responsible Horizons Euro Impact Bond strategy is positioned at the greenest end of the ESG investment spectrum and is an important building block for investors who want their investments to achieve a positive environmental or social impact alongside financial returns.


Focus on meaningful impact: The strategy invests predominantly in use-of-proceeds green bonds. It also seeks to broaden the impact achieved by allocating to other use-of-proceeds impact bonds and companies with a high level of alignment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Longer-term focus: By adopting an ‘enhanced buy and maintain’ approach we seek to align the strategy with the longer-term time horizon over which impact factors typically play out. This also encourages a partnership approach with issuers which leads to more impactful outcomes.

Bias towards corporate issuers: A corporate focus means the strategy largely avoids lower-yielding bonds issued by sovereigns and sovereign-like entities. This means we can target a higher level of return while also achieving an impact.


Euro Impact Bond Strategy

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