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1. Client focus

A strong client focus, knowing our clients always come first, combined with a culture of innovation, collaboration, diversity and inclusion is the environment we offer our staff, encouraging people to take responsibility to develop our business further.

Our philosophy is that we focus on working in partnership with clients and their advisors to help deliver complex investment outcomes. We are regarded as a trusted advisor rather than product provider.

2. Accountability

We foster a strong culture of ownership, providing our staff autonomy and trust from the start, allowing them to make their own decisions that impact our business.

3. Teamwork

We create a culture of camaraderie and trust in our business. We focus on getting the right people with the right expertise and combining them in a diverse team to work together to deliver results.

Diversity, equity and inclusion are strategic priorities at Insight. We believe that having a workforce that reflects the broader society in which we operate enhances the way we think, adds significant value to decision making and is the right thing to do. No gender, ethnicity, or other social group has a monopoly on good ideas and talent. When recruiting we cast the net wide to attract the very best people from the broadest demographics and backgrounds possible. Hiring diverse talent into our inclusive and collaborative culture enables us to achieve a significant competitive advantage through our people.

4. Cognitive agility

We are inquisitive, skilled in analysing information and forming an opinion and then we take the initiative to act.

5. Continuous improvement

We have always had a culture of continuous improvement, demonstrable since we became a driving force in liability-driven investment (LDI). We maintain a questioning attitude and are not afraid to speak up and challenge conventional thinking or the status quo. We build relevant solutions in an environment of continuous improvement, responsibility and autonomy where the best ideas are allowed to rise to the top.

Your development

Our challenging environment provides the right conditions for employees to hone their skills and expertise and develop within the business. We provide direction through alignment, performance management, commitment based culture and emphasis on personal development within our business. 

Insight is a growing business, so there is plenty of scope for individuals to make a real difference with ongoing opportunities to develop your skills and knowledge. Our structure is not built around hierarchy, and the development of our business has enabled many of our people to take on new challenges where they have the skills, expertise and motivation to take the lead.

Striking a balance

There's a balanced mix of colleagues across our teams: some have been with us since the start, and some have joined later, bringing in new ideas. Our colleague turnover is below our peers, and as we grow and develop, we look for new people who will bring different skills and qualities to our business.

Applying to join our team

Check out our Twitter and Linkedin pages for further information on recruitment, our business and career opportunities.

In numbers

  • 1,164 workforce globally
  • 74% of colleagues agree Insight is a place where people from diverse backgrounds can succeed
  • 79% of colleagues enjoy working at Insight
  • 85% of colleagues believe Insight sets high standards of performance
  • 82% of colleagues are proud to tell others they work for Insight
  • 80% of colleagues would recommend Insight as a place to work
  • 87% of colleagues agree that managers are good at promoting teamwork and collaboration

Number of employees as at 31 December 2022. All other stats are from the 2021 annual employee survey.