Absolute return strategy range

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Our absolute return strategy range offers investors the ability to target a positive return whatever the market's direction across a diverse range of asset classes.

Each specialist investment team tailors their choice and combination of investment approaches to reflect the characteristics of the markets in which they invest. The risk framework of each strategy is tailored to the investment universe and approach.

Our investment process is designed to generate a large number of original and uncorrelated investment ideas, encouraging a high level of embedded diversification within our strategies.

The diversity of investment universes and investment approaches, within a consistent risk management framework, means the individual strategies lend themselves to being held together in a portfolio.

Our Strategies

Absolute return bond

Our absolute return bond strategy aims to produce attractive returns in all market conditions by taking a flexible, broad approach to fixed income that harnesses the best opportunities in the market. The strategy invests in a wide range of fixed income markets including government and corporate bonds, asset-backed securities, emerging markets and currencies.

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Absolute return convertibles

Our absolute return convertible bond strategy aims to profit from volatility and equity return drivers of convertible bonds, with a focused portfolio of strategies typically comprising a long convertible bond position and a dynamic equity hedge.

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Please refer to the underlying fund or strategy page for details of the specific risks associated with investment.