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Our strategies

Absolute return bonds

As fixed income markets change, many investors are struggling to balance the need for growth with the need to minimise downside risk. Our absolute return bond funds look to capture our 'best ideas' and aim to provide attractive returns in all market conditions.

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Asset-backed securities

Investing in a portfolio of asset-backed securities (ABS) provides exposure to an asset class with a potentially attractive risk/reward profile. Our experienced team invests in a wide range of asset-backed bonds, and the floating rates of the underlying securities are designed to be beneficial in a rising interest rate environment.

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Buy and maintain

Our buy and maintain strategy offers a smarter way to access global credit market beta relative to traditional passive approaches. We invest in a diversified portfolio of global issuers with strong credit quality based on long-term fundamentals, placing limits on exposure to ensure our portfolios are not over-exposed to the most indebted companies or industries.

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Emerging market debt

We have designed a range of emerging market debt capabilities that offer investors structural exposure to emerging markets across the full universe with varying degrees of alpha exposure. Investors can access the opportunity set according to their risk/return preferences, tapping into attractive beta as well as alpha opportunities.

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Global credit

Investing in global credit portfolios can provide additional diversification against potentially divergent economic, interest rate and political risk. It can also deliver more opportunities for active funds to outperform. Our strategies take advantage of Insight's global credit resource and expertise across fixed income.

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High yield

Sub-investment grade debt markets can offer the prospect of higher yields than investment grade markets for higher credit risks. At Insight, we emphasise a short-dated approach to high yield which has the potential to lower credit risks and volatility while retaining higher yields than investment grade markets. Short-dated high yield offers little in the way of interest rate risks and is more influenced by prevailing economic conditions. 

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Investment grade credit

Investing in credit offers the potential for higher yields than government strategies. As well as managing traditional corporate bond portfolios, we innovate with alternative strategies like asset-backed securities and absolute return funds.

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Senior loans can be a potentially efficient source of attractive risk-adjusted returns. They can offer security and floating rate returns and higher yields than investment grade credit in a low-yielding fixed income environment.

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Secured finance

Secured finance is an alternative to investing in investment grade corporate bonds without compromising on credit quality. Investing in the asset class could help investors target diverse streams of stable, long-term, high quality cash flows.

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Sustainable Euro Corporate Bond Fund

The Insight Sustainable Euro Corporate Bond Fund seeks to profit from opportunities in bond and derivative markets, and will only invest where minimum standards for environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are met.

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Please refer to the underlying fund or strategy page for details of the specific risks associated with investment.