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    Examples of recent engagements with issuers

    Case studies: Insight’s engagements with issuers

    One element of our responsible investment approach is engagement with issuers, through direct dialogue, group meetings, collaborative initiatives and via our counterparties.

    We pursue this activity to ensure that we better understand the relevant risks that we have identified in respect of the issuer, including environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks. Where we engage with issuers, we may seek to influence them to improve their practices in the areas that we have identified and believe to be material including, where relevant, relating to their impact on the environment and society.

    On this page we provide select examples of our more detailed engagements with issuers.

    For more examples of engagements and what drives our decisions on where to focus, please read our annual stewardship report or contact a member of the Insight team.

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