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Information in periodic reports and fund prospectus may have changed since the date these documents were issued. In particular, the information in both the common stock and the preferred share prospectuses is historical and should not be relied upon when evaluating whether to purchase, hold or sell shares of the Fund.

The Managed Duration Investment Grade Municipal Fund completed its liquidation on September 24, 2018, pursuant to the plan of liquidation previously approved by the Board of Trustees and shareholders. Please see the “News and Literature – Media Updates” section for further information.

PLEASE NOTE: As was previously announced in July 2018, the Board of Trustees and shareholders have approved the liquidation of the Managed Duration Investment Grade Municipal Fund (the “Fund”). As of August 3, 2018, the "Determination Date" decided by the Board of Trustees pursuant to the Plan of Liquidation, the Fund's stock register books are closed. Effective August 6, 2018, the Fund’s common shares are not transferable and trading in Fund shares on the New York Stock Exchange has ceased. Please see the "News & Literature - Media Updates" section for press releases and any new announcements about the Fund’s liquidation activity.

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