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Insight has been at the forefront of absolute return investing for many years. Our strategies operate across a range of markets and tailor their investment approaches and risk frameworks to reflect the asset classes in which they invest.

We believe absolute return strategies can play a significant role in an investor’s portfolio, whether they are seeking to increase diversification, access alternative sources of potential performance, or increase the probability of achieving a return target within a specified time frame.


Our strategies

Absolute Insight multi-strategy

This approach provides access to our absolute return and unconstrained portfolio managers in a diversified format and aims to deliver positive returns over rolling 12-month periods. It encompasses a broad opportunity set of emerging market debt, currency, equities, credit and dynamic opportunities.

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Broad opportunities strategy

Insight's flagship multi-asset strategy was launched over 10 years ago. It seeks to combine traditional and alternative sources of return in aiming to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns over the medium term.

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Credit opportunities

Our alpha-seeking strategy focuses on global credit opportunities with an unconstrained approach to portfolio construction and the ability to hold both long and short exposures. The strategy combines techniques used by hedge funds with Insight's robust and proven fixed income process.

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We invest across global currency markets aiming to achieve attractive positive returns on a rolling 12-month basis. Typically exhibiting low correlation with traditional asset classes, our solution offers an excellent source of diversification. The managers combine top-down macroeconomic research with bottom-up analysis of specific currency pairs to generate investment ideas.

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Emerging market debt

Our strategy takes a distinctive approach to investing in emerging market debt. We recognize the potential returns available from the asset class, but believe the timing of an allocation can dramatically affect the returns of a long-only investor. We believe the key to investing in this asset class is to be selective and focus on only the best investment ideas within a portfolio in an attempt to control the potential downside through the use of sophisticated risk management techniques.

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Global absolute return bond

We adopt a broad spectrum 'best ideas' global fixed income strategy that aims to generate positive returns on an annual basis regardless of market direction. This is achieved by taking long and short positions in government bonds, credit, emerging market debt, high yield and asset-backed securities. The strategy also takes long and short currency positions.

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