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1These are sample quotes from the qualitative interviews and do not necessarily represent the views of all the survey participants.

Insight paid Institutional Investor a fee to gather information and conduct a survey from more than 260 investment decision makers. Survey was conducted to gain insights on trends, growth drivers of multi-asset investment, multi-asset traits valued by investors and potential industry watch points and should not be viewed as an endorsement or recommendation of Insight’s services.

Insight pays a fee to eVestment for a subscription that allows access to its data. Insight did not pay eVestment for their contribution to this report. eVestment collects information directly from investment management firms and other sources believed to be reliable. eVestment does not guarantee or warrant the accuracy, timeliness, or completeness of the information either collected, sourced or otherwise provided to eVestment or its partners and is not responsible for any errors or omissions. eVestment Data Analysts review several key criteria to determine fit and maintain consistency within each peer group; including profile selections, key characteristics, and investment strategy narratives. The Data Team reviews and approves every universe assignment as well as performs periodic reviews of the universe structure to match rising industry trends. Insight does not pay to be included in the analysis undertaken by eVestment but does pay to be able to access the eVestment database information.

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The views herein represent the opinions of Insight and are subject to change based on subsequent developments. They are not intended as investment advice or to predict or depict the performance of any investment. The material contained herein is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, investment, accounting or legal tax advice. Further, this material does not constitute a recommendation to buy, sell or hold any security. No offer or solicitation for the sale of any security or financial instrument is made hereby.