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Key points on Insight's engagements in 2018

  • Over half our direct company engagements included discussions of ESG issues
  • Climate change and cyber risks were key focuses for our collaborative engagements
  • We continued to engage with policymakers on new regulations and responsible investment initiatives
  • Download a PDF copy of our 2019 responsible investment annual report for further information

Key insights

Lucy Speake

Lucy Speake - Head of European Credit and Deputy Head of Fixed Income
Our credit analysts are expected to consider ESG research in their analysis across every issuer in our investment universe. Our research contributed to our decision to divest from longer-dated tobacco bonds across our credit portfolios on investment grounds.
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Ulrich Gerhard

Ulrich Gerhard - Senior Portfolio Manager, High Yield
High yield debt issuers generally have worse ESG risks and ratings, meaning constant ESG analysis and engagement are a high priority for our high-yield managers.
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Colm McDonagh

Colm McDonagh - Head of Emerging Market Fixed Income
Gaps in ESG data for emerging market debt issuers mean active engagement and proprietary analysis are crucial. Information from our proprietary ESG questionnaire covers 20% of our emerging market corporate debt portfolio.
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Shaheer Guirguis

Shaheer Guirguis - Head of Secured Finance
Loans are a key source of ESG risks. We reject any loan application that does not provide sufficient information on these risks.
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Isobel Lee

Isobel Lee - Head of Global Fixed Income Bonds
Gaps in ESG data for sovereign issuers led us to develop a proprietary model which provides a snapshot of ESG performance and progress for 186 countries.
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Matthew Merritt

Matthew Merritt - Head of Multi-Asset Strategy Team, Multi-Asset Group
Governance is a key consideration for real-asset exposures, and the team actively engages on relevant issues.
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Jos Vermeulen

Jos Vermeulen - Head of Solution Design, Client Solutions Group
A key focus is our proactive engagement with regulators over proposals to reform derivatives markets.
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