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Ameil Tailor


Role: Graduate Programme 2017

University/Degree: Imperial College Business School London, MSc in Investment and Wealth Management

Time with Insight: since 2017

What makes Insight a different place to work?
The graduate programme at Insight has been very supportive. From CFA classes to VBA training, Insight is always willing to provide resources to develop our skills.

What advice would you give to prepare for an assessment centre?
My biggest piece of advice would be to know the company and what makes it unique within the asset management industry. The assessment centre is a great chance to meet many people from Insight and knowledge of the company's background and its different divisions is a major benefit.

Francesca Turner


Role: Graduate Programme 2017

University/Degree: The London School of Economics and Political Science, BSc in Economics

Time with Insight: since 2017

What makes Insight a different place to work?
The people on each team I've worked on, as well as people in different teams and business areas, have been really helpful and supportive with any queries or problems I have had. It has hugely helped me to better understand my role as well as to better fit in within Insight as a company.

What is the most valuable thing you have learned in your first year at Insight?
Be as inquisitive as you possibly can. I've found that asking questions has been the most effective way to learn and to get as much out of my rotations as I could. It also helps you to understand things beyond your immediate team or role which has been really useful to my development as I've moved through different teams over the past year.

Rory Stanyard


Role: Graduate Programme 2017

University/Degree: Durham University, BA in Economics

Time with Insight: since 2017

What makes you proud to work here?
The quality of the people and the sense of community within the firm. As a graduate I have found it a very welcoming and inclusive environment.

What have you enjoyed about the rotation programme so far?
The opportunity to familiarise yourself with different areas of the firm is invaluable, both in terms of understanding the different business areas but also getting to know a wider circle of friends and colleagues.

Michael Warner


Role: Graduate Programme 2017

University/Degree: Lancaster University, MPhys Physics with Particle Physics and Cosmology

Time with Insight: since 2017

What makes Insight a different place to work?
One of the things I’ve noticed at Insight is that people throughout the business are approachable and always willing to meet and share their knowledge and experience. Despite being an international and relatively large business, it has a small-company feel where it is easy to collaborate across the business. It’s also possible to make a difference and contribute in a supportive environment right from the beginning.

What support did you receive in your first year at Insight?
On the Graduate Programme at Insight I was assigned both a mentor and an HR manager who were available to answer any questions I had regarding aspects of work that weren’t directly related to my role. Also, asking questions on the job is always encouraged both with colleagues and with my line manager. At Insight, you are encouraged to develop your professional skills and during the first year I have attended a number of development courses covering both technical and softer skills, in addition to taking the IMC and starting the CFA accreditation.

Jessica Shuman


Role: Solution Designer, Client Solutions Group

University/Degree: University of Oxford, MA in English Language and Literature

Time with Insight: since 2013

What makes you proud to work here?
What struck me as soon as I joined was the quality of my colleagues. People here really care about doing the right thing for our clients and I feel very privileged to work with such passionate people. Insight has grown significantly since I joined, but we seem to have maintained the entrepreneurial spirit which has allowed us to continue to develop our offerings as clients’ needs evolve. The atmosphere here is very collaborative and there is a communal sense of ownership, with people pulling together to get the job done. I feel really lucky to be able to say that (for the most part) I genuinely look forward to coming to work and feel that my contribution is valued.

How has your role evolved since joining?
I’ve learned so much since joining and my role has developed accordingly. Whilst I started out supporting senior Solution Designers, I now have my own clients and regularly attend client meetings and pitch for new business. About two years ago, I switched to working almost exclusively on clients who invest in our pooled funds. Since then, I have been involved in evolving our pooled fund range, both by improving existing funds and launching new funds. The pooled funds are definitely a growing part of the business which means there are always opportunities to take on new work which has allowed me to grow my skillset.

Gauthier Mavinga


Role: Portfolio Manager

University/Degree: Paris Dauphine University, MSc in Information Systems applied to Business Management

Time with Insight: since 2014

What makes you proud to work here?
The ability that the company has to combine a flat structure (open door policy) with very high professional standards and responsibilities.

What makes Insight a different place to work?
Whilst Insight may not be a household name, the company is distinguished by its culture, challenges, goals and achievements.



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Number of employees as at 30 June 2019. All other stats are from the 2018 annual employee survey.