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Senior loans can potentially be an efficient source of attractive risk-adjusted returns in a low-yielding fixed income environment.

We aim to deliver strong risk-adjusted returns by identifying high quality syndicated loans. Our investment team combine strategic positioning with fundamental credit analysis. Using senior loans can offer greater capital security and less volatility than using traditional fixed income investments.

Investors can access our loan capabilities on a segregated basis or via our pooled Loan Fund.


Insulation from interest rate risk: the floating-rate nature of the investments can mitigate the impact of future interest rate rises.

Defensive strategy: by investing in loans, which are usually positioned at a more senior level than bonds, the Fund can benefit from potentially higher levels of collateral protection and stronger covenants, helping to minimise credit risk.

Diversification: the Fund can invest in a wide range of assets from worldwide issuers.

Specialist team: loans are a key alpha generator across fixed income and form an integral part of our flagship strategies. Specialist teams manage Insight’s loan exposures to leveraged loans, property loans, private placements, collateralised loan obligations and distressed debt.


Fixed income team in numbers

  • 168 Fixed income investment professionals globally
  • 19years Average experience of fixed income team
  • £224.0bn fixed income assets

As at 31 March 2022. Assets under management (AUM) are represented by the value of cash securities and other economic exposure managed for clients.


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The value of investments and any income from them will fluctuate and is not guaranteed (this may be partly due to exchange rate fluctuations). Investors may not get back the full amount invested. Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

Please refer to the fund profile, located under fund and strategy profiles, for the specific risks associated with this fund.

This Fund meets the definition of a covered fund under Volcker regulations.

Any losses in the fund will be borne solely by investors in the fund and not by BNY Mellon (including its affiliates); therefore BNY Mellon’s losses in the fund will be limited to losses attributable to the ownership interests in the fund held by BNY Mellon and any affiliate in its capacity as an investor in the fund or as beneficiary of a restricted profit interest held by BNY Mellon or any affiliate.

Ownership interests in the fund are not insured by the FDIC, are not deposits, obligations of, or endorsed or guaranteed in any way, by BNY Mellon. Neither BNY Mellon nor any of its controlled affiliates (which includes the fund’s general manager/ managing partner/ investment adviser), may directly or indirectly, guarantee, assume, or otherwise insure the obligations or performance of the fund or of any other covered fund in which the fund invests.

Investors should read the fund’s offering documents before investing in the fund. Information about the role of BNY Mellon, its controlled affiliates, and their employees in sponsoring or providing services to the fund are described in the Volcker Rule section of the offering documents.