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Absolute Insight Currency Fund

Bonds Plus 400 Fund

Bonds Plus Fund

Broad Opportunities Fund

Buy and Maintain Long Dated Bond Fund

Buy and Maintain Short dated Bond Fund

Emerging Markets Debt Fund

Global ABS Fund

Government Liquidity Fund

High Grade ABS

ILF Euro Cash Fund

ILF Euro Liquidity Plus Fund

ILF GBP Liquidity Fund

ILF GBP Liquidity Plus Fund

ILF USD Liquidity Fund

Liquid ABS Fund

Loan Fund

Maturing Buy and Maintain Funds

Secured Finance 2

Secured Finance Fund

UK Broad Market Bond Fund

UK Corporate All Maturities Bond Fund

UK Corporate Long Maturities Bond Fund

UK Government All Maturities Bond Fund

UK Government Long Maturities Bond Fund

UK Index-Linked Bond Fund


Important information

Past performance is not a guide to future performance. Investment in any strategy involves a risk of loss which may partly be due to exchange rate fluctuations. Investors may not get back the full amount invested.

The value of investments and any income from them will fluctuate and is not guaranteed (this may be partly due to exchange rate fluctuations).

This is not a banking product and whilst preservation of capital is a major component of the objective it is not guaranteed. The value of capital invested in a money market fund may fluctuate. Neither Insight nor any other BNYM group company will provide capital support in the event of any capital loss, which will be borne by the investor.

Where the portfolio holds over 35% of its net asset value in securities of one governmental issuer, the value of the portfolio may be profoundly affected if one or more of these issuers fails to meet its obligations or suffers a ratings downgrade.

Please note: with effect from 5 January 2018 we are no longer accepting subscriptions to IIFIG Secured Finance Fund. A combination of the Fund size and existing commitments will bring the fund to its target capacity. Investors with existing holdings are not affected and you can still sell your shares. We remain open to new segregated Secured Finance mandates with customised investment guidelines. Please contact your Insight relationship manager for further information.