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At Insight our goal is to maximise value creation without compromising responsible and sustainable investment principles.

Integrated Farm ManagementAll farms are operated using the Integrated Farm Management (IFM) approach; a dynamic process developed by Linking Environment and Farming (LEAF)1. IFM is a holistic approach to sustainable farming which combines the best of traditional methods with beneficial modern technologies to achieve high productivity and minimal environmental impact.

Sustainability is at the heart of the activities of the Global Farmland Fund, which we advise. This is clear from the Fund’s pasture-based dairy farming activities in New Zealand and Chile, and its grass-fed cattle breeding and rearing in Australia. Animals are treated humanely and with respect and are allowed to graze and roam in their natural habitats. In Romania, detailed soil analysis is carried out and the agronomy is tailored to limit the use of fertiliser and pesticides. Investments are made in the training and well-being of the farmers to ensure they and their local communities share in the benefits.

Through the smarter use of resources and emphasising sustainable returns over temporary gains, cost savings can be achieved. We believe that in the long term the most sustainable farming operations will also be the most profitable.

* Note: LEAF is not affiliated with Insight Investment or BNY Mellon. LEAF is an organisation focused on developing and promoting a sustainable system of agriculture and creating  better public awareness of food and farming. LEAF has an exclusive relationship with the Insight Global Farmland Team for the provision of policy analysis. Further information is available on request.

Important information

The value of investments and any income from them will fluctuate and is not guaranteed (this may be partly due to exchange rate fluctuations). Investors may not get back the full amount invested. Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

Farmland is exposed to the impact of government policy. Subsidies, renewable fuels, trade agreements and attitudes to ownership rights can vary between markets, and may change over time. Farmland is an inherently illiquid asset subject to the range of risks associated with primary production. Land values, like commodities, will experience large deviations from the equilibrium as a result of a range of market forces such as returns across other assets, level of interest rates, and investor sentiment.

Investments in emerging markets can be less liquid and riskier than more developed markets and difficulties in accounting, dealing, settlement and custody may arise.

The investment manager may invest in instruments which can be difficult to sell when markets are stressed.

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