Total Return Emerging Market Debt

Insight’s total return emerging market debt strategies have the freedom to allocate tactically across the emerging market fixed income universe, maintaining a structural beta allocation to the asset class while also having the scope to add value by determining when that beta is attractive or expensive.

While some strategies combine exposure to different segments of the market as part of a total return approach, portfolios are still typically managed with reference to mainstream indices seeking to minimise tracking error. Insight’s total return emerging market debt strategies seek to enhance returns beyond those achieved by traditional index allocations by combining and actively managing exposures to sub-asset classes including local currency debt, external sovereign and corporate debt, tactically allocating between sub-asset classes in a bid to enhance returns.

We employ a singular investment process across external, local and corporate debt that recognises the interdependency of these sub-asset classes. We believe this approach is far superior to approaches that silo these sources of returns and treat them as distinct building blocks through the application of different investment styles and processes to each.

EMD in numbers

  • 106 Fixed income investment professionals support the team
  • 17years Average experience of fixed income team
  • £4.1bn emerging market exposure across all portfolios

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Team statistics as at 30 September 2017. Assets under management (AUM) are represented by the value of cash securities and other economic exposure managed for clients. 

The Fund's target is not a guarantee may not be achieved and a capital loss may occur. Funds which have a higher performance aim generally take more risk to achieve this and do have a greater potential for the returns to be significantly different than expected.

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