Attempted fraud

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Please read important information about Insight's data collection policies HERE before sharing your personal information with us on email.

We would like to draw your attention to an attempted investment fraud which is a misuse of the Insight name.

The attempt has been reported to the Financial Conduct Authority, and relevant web hosting services and social media providers. 

The fraud is based on a website and contact information related to ‘Insightmanagedfunds’ and social media accounts which reference Insight’s legitimate FCA number and investment products. We are also aware that the scammers are cold calling clients pretending to be representatives of the Insight team and seeking to encourage the transfer of funds for fraudulent purposes.

At first glance the website and social media accounts may appear to be legitimate. Please be alert to the risk of investment fraud.

We have secure processes for transferring money to and from bank accounts which ensure the identity of our clients and ourselves.

If you receive an unexpected communication supposedly from Insight, please exercise caution, do not share information or remit funds.

Please read the updated alert on the FCA website.

Please contact your relationship manager if you have any concerns. Alternatively, you can call our IT security team on 0207 321 1683 or email our investment fraud specialists at