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Foreword to annual report

Abdallah NauphalIt has been a year of surprises. It is common to refer to uncertainty in the markets, but the unexpected developments of 2016 – such as the result of the UK referendum on European Union membership and the election of Donald Trump as US president – highlighted again how difficult it is to make forecasts with any accuracy.

Against this backdrop, the importance of taking into account all potential investment risks has been reinforced. Companies face threats from progress in digital technology and changing consumer habits. There are threats to free trade from political populism, the potential removal of or weakened environmental regulation and tax reforms that may have a big impact on manufacturers.

We believe that taking into account all the risks that our investments might face, including environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, is essential. Managing an investment portfolio well depends on effective risk management and it is clear that ESG issues must be considered alongside other factors when deciding whether the potential reward from an investment is commensurate with the risks. Our uncertain world demands it.

At Insight, we have focused on continuing to enhance our existing processes to ensure they reflect our long-standing commitment to responsible investment through a changing market, while also expanding our efforts to ensure our approach encompasses all the areas of our business. This has meant reviewing our processes with regard to credit, equities and farmland and considering how we can further enhance how we operate across our business, including in our liability-driven investment (LDI) and multi-asset strategies, along with fixed income areas beyond credit, such as emerging market debt.

We believe this is the right thing to do. Insight has always focused on effective risk management to build investment solutions and I believe that by expanding and enhancing our efforts in responsible investment we have been able to better help our clients achieve their goals. I have also been encouraged to see growth in demand for investment solutions that require a responsible investment approach. This report aims to show how we have worked over the last year to further enhance our efforts and maintain our position as a market-leading investment manager that works to achieve the best outcomes for its clients.

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Abdallah Nauphal
Chief Executive Officer

March 2017

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