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Insight’s flagship multi-asset approach, the Insight broad opportunities strategy, dynamically invests across a wide range of asset classes.

The strategy seeks to generate long-term capital growth through a dynamic asset allocation strategy involving several asset classes (including equities, fixed income securities as well as commodities and property), primarily through an investment in financial derivative instruments, direct holdings and collective investment schemes.

ESG considerations arise indirectly through actively managed fixed income pooled funds managed by Insight that the strategy may have exposure to. ESG considerations are a key element of the research process underlying fundamental corporate bond evaluation processes. Financial derivatives employed in the strategy provide indirect exposure to broad market indices within equities, fixed income, commodity and currency, resulting in no direct ESG considerations for the majority of the portfolio.

As part of its real assets exposure, the strategy invests in listed closed-end investment companies with a focus on cash generative investments in social infrastructure, renewable energy and asset-backed aviation finance. We maintain regular contact with the companies as part of ongoing monitoring and portfolio management. We also vote on our shareholdings which typically cover routine matters such as adoption of reports and accounts, appointment of auditors, election of members of the board and changes to capital base. 

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