People and careers

What we value

Here are some of the elements that shape the way we do business:

Client focus: our clients' always come first.
How do we do it? We focus on working in partnership with clients and their advisors to help deliver complex investment outcomes. We are regarded as a trusted advisor rather than product provider. 

Innovation: our culture allows the best ideas to flourish.
How do we do it?
We have always had a culture of continuous improvement, demonstrable since we became a driving force in liability-driven investment (LDI). We challenge conventional wisdom and build relevant solutions in an environment of continuous improvement, responsibility and autonomy where the best ideas are allowed to rise to the top.

Collaboration: we create a culture of camaraderie and trust in our business.
How do we do it?
Our flat team based ethos makes it simple for us to communicate and share ideas. We focus on getting the right people with the right expertise working together to deliver results.

Personal development: we create an environment where people take responsibility to develop our business.
How do we do it?
We foster a strong culture of ownership, providing our staff autonomy and trust from the start, allowing them to make their own decisions that impact our business. Our challenging environment provides the right conditions for employees to hone their skills and expertise and develop within the business.


Insight is a growing business, so there is plenty of scope for individuals to make a real difference. There is ample opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge too. Our structure is not built around hierarchy, and the development of our business has enabled many of our people to take on new challenges where they have the skills, expertise and motivation to take the lead.

Who works at Insight?

There’s a balanced mix of colleagues across our teams: some have been with us since the start, and some have joined later, bringing in new ideas. Our colleague turnover tends to be low, but as we grow and develop, we often look for new people who will bring different skills and qualities to our business.   

What’s the application process?

We don’t find that speculative approaches work too well, because we tend to recruit into quite specialised roles. We typically recruit using a group of specialist consultants or, on a small scale, directly from universities. 


Our graduate programme provides graduates with the chance to experience first-hand how Insight's business works, whilst providing the individual with the opportunity to acquire a range of skills, maximise their strengths and realise their full potential. The flexible nature of our programmes allows effective networks to be developed between departments and continues to build our evolving culture.

We give all our successful candidates the opportunity to develop their careers in a rewarding and challenging environment.


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Insight in Numbers*

708 employees globally

88% of colleagues have confidence in the leadership of Insight

86% of colleagues believe Insight sets high standards of performance

85% of colleagues would recommend Insight as a place to work

78% of colleagues enjoy working at Insight

76% of colleagues are confident in the long-term growth prospects of our business

*Number of employees as at 31 March 2017. All other stats are from the 2016 annual employee survey.