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We have had a clear mission since our inception in 2002, one that prioritises the certainty of meeting clients objectives in contrast to the traditional focus on maximising return and minimising volatility. We prioritise our clients' interests above all else in the conduct of our business, always seeking to deliver high quality investment solutions and service. Our goal has been to solve the real investment problems faced by a broad range of clients, from pension funds and insurers to sovereign wealth funds and individuals.

Our investment capability is focused solely on areas where we believe we can deliver an edge. It has evolved as we strive to build relevant solutions to meet the expectations of clients with sophisticated needs.

Our investment platform is built on three main pillars, each suited to the delivery of a specific outcome: risk management solutions, including liability-driven investing (LDI) and currency risk management; a full spectrum fixed income capability; and a range of multi-asset and absolute return strategies.

As a firm, we take responsible investment seriously. Insight was a founding signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) and we have been seeking to continuously improve the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations into relevant decision-making processes. Our approach is underpinned by the belief that ESG issues can be important drivers of investment value.

What Makes Us Different?

We maintain a questioning attitude and are not afraid to challenge conventional thinking or the status quo. We believe there are two types of risk: those that can be modelled and analysed using statistical techniques; and uncertainty which is harder to quantify but which we believe is vital to prepare for in order to maximise the certainty of achieving a desired outcome.

Insight is team-based with a strong ownership culture. We believe this creates a true alignment between meeting the goals of clients, our business objectives and individual incentives. At the heart of our investment philosophy is a determination to offer clients innovative solutions that deliver mutually agreed outcomes.

This unique perspective has shaped our investment platform and enabled us to stay at the forefront of investment innovation. Insight was among the first asset managers to:

  • Recognise the importance of liabilities to pension schemes
  • Expand the scope of fixed income investment by building global credit expertise and a specialist secured finance team
  • Offer investors a broad range of investments in absolute return formats within asset classes and in multi-asset formats against a wide range of benchmarks
  • Identify the unrewarded nature of currency risk and develop a rigorous and tested risk management framework


Through the advocacy of our clients, more and more investors are entrusting us to manage their assets.

On September 1 2021, clients, mandates and colleagues who were previously with the Fixed Income business of Mellon Investments successfully moved to Insight. To view a copy of the confirmation sent to Insight clients, please click here.

In numbers

  • 1,164 workforce globally
  • €736.7bn in AUM
  • 290 investment professionals globally
  • 6 Countries

As at 31 December 2022.

Associated investment risks


  • Investment type: The application and overall influence of ESG approaches may differ, potentially materially, across asset classes, geographies, sectors, specific investments or portfolios due to the nature of the specific securities and instruments available, the wide range of ESG factors which may be applied and ESG industry practices applicable in a particular investable universe.
  • Integration: The integration of ESG factors refers to the inclusion of ESG risk factors alongside financial risk factors in investment analysis and research to judge the fair value of a particular investment and may also include the monitoring and reporting of such risks within a portfolio. Integrating ESG factors in this way will not typically restrict the potential investable universe, but rather aims to ensure that relevant and material ESG risks are taken into account by analysts and/or portfolio managers in their decision-making, alongside other relevant and material financial risks.
  • Ratings: The use and influence of our ESG ratings in specific investment strategies will vary, potentially significantly, depending on a number of factors including the nature of the asset class and the structure of the investment mandate involved. For an investment portfolio with a financial objective, and without specific ESG or sustainability objectives, a high or low ESG rating may not automatically lead to a buy or sell decision: the rating will be one factor among others that may help a portfolio manager in evaluating potential investments consistently.
  • Engagement activity: The applicability of Insight firm level ESG engagement activity and the outcomes of this activity relating to buy, hold and sell decisions made within specific investment strategies will vary, potentially significantly, depending on the nature of the asset class and the structure of the investment mandate involved.
  • Reporting: The ESG approach shown is indicative and there is no guarantee that the specific approach will be applied across the whole portfolio.
  • Performance/quality: The influence of ESG criteria on the overall risk and return characteristics of a portfolio is likely to vary over time depending on the investment universe, investment strategy and objective and the influence of ESG factors directly applicable on valuations which will vary over time.
  • Costs: The costs described will have an impact on the amount of the investment and expected returns.

Insight applies a wide range of customised ESG criteria to mandates which are tailored to reflect individual client requirements. Individual investor experience will vary depending on the investment strategy, investment objectives and the specific ESG criteria applicable to a Fund or portfolio. Please refer to the investment management agreement or offering documents such as the prospectus, Key Investor Information Document (KIID) or the latest Report and Accounts which can be found at and where applicable information in the following link for mandates in scope of certain EU sustainability regulations; alternatively, speak to your main point of contact in order to obtain details of specific ESG parameters applicable to your investment.