Welcome to Insight Investment

We are a leading global asset manager responsible for over £603.7bn1 in assets under management across liability driven investment, fixed income, currency solutions, cash management, absolute return, multi-asset and real assets, such as farmland.

Our clients include pension funds, corporates, local authorities, insurers, sovereign wealth funds, wealth managers, financial institutions and individual investors.

1As at 30 September 2018. Insight's assets under management reflects the AUM of Insight, the corporate brand for certain companies operated by Insight Investment Management Limited (IIML). Insight includes, amongst others, Insight Investment Management (Global) Limited (IIMG), Insight Investment International Limited (IIIL) and Insight North America LLC (INA), each of which provides asset management services. Insight's assets under management are represented by the value of cash securities and other economic exposure managed for clients.