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    Global fixed income and specialist risk management expertise
    We build solutions that focus on the ultimate outcome, not risk-adjusted returns alone. We aim to maximize certainty and build resilience, not just minimize risk and manage volatility.

    Insight has a comprehensive range of capabilities and a broad and deep investment team. We invest precisely and intentionally to maximize the certainty of our clients’ chosen investment outcomes.

    The expertise of our specialist team spans the spectrum of global fixed income opportunities reflecting both fundamental active and systematic approaches. We manage assets against a range of traditional and customized benchmarks.


    • In the world’s largest and most diverse fixed income market, our US capabilities include investment grade, multi-sector, high yield, structured credit, governments, agencies, taxable and tax-exempt municipal bonds
    • Globally, we offer a range of specialist capabilities including government bonds, global credit, buy and maintain, global absolute return bonds and emerging markets debt
    • Our secured lending and loans capability gives Insight a strong position in the space of low-default, illiquid credit investments. We also manage short duration, high-quality portfolios for public entities’ operating cash assets, tailored to their specific cashflow and risk tolerances
    Investment capabilities in North America

    How can we help you?

    In partnering with you to build solutions, we draw on four interlinked capabilities:

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