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    We are a pioneering solutions provider, collaborating for decades with some of the world’s most sophisticated investors. Insight launched liability-driven investing (LDI) in Europe in 2002.

    In addition to portfolio management expertise, including currency management, we offer specialist services to pension plans and insurers, such as quantitative modelling and actuarial analysis.

    Liability-driven investment

    LDI is a governance and risk management framework which puts liabilities at the center of decision making. It recognizes that your risk and return objectives are best measured relative to your unique liability profile and that it is ultimately the outcome that matters to your beneficiaries.

    Cashflow-driven investment

    We offer a wide variety of traditional and customized liquidity strategies to help meet your liability cashflows, increase potential returns from your liquid assets and manage Treasury assets.

    Managing currency exposure

    Foreign currency exposure can add unwanted volatility, but also a source of alpha. Our customized currency solutions can help your strike your desired balance between hedging and seeking alpha.


    Reduce risk by hedging undesired currency exposures cost-effectively using static hedge ratios or more bespoke downslide limits.

    Mitigate currency losses while aiming to capture gains by dynamically altering currency hedges based on our proprietary framework evolved over 25 years.

    Seek positive returns in developed and emerging currency markets in all market conditions by exploiting diversified sources of alpha.

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