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    Global macro research: editorial committee

    Global macro research: editorial committee

    The Global Macro Research Editorial Committee is chaired by Adrian Grey (Global CIO) and is made up of some of the most senior members of our investment teams, including Gareth Colesmith, Francesca Fornasari, Matt Merritt and Colm McDonagh.

    Global macro research hub

    The Global Macro Research Editorial Committee reviews research on thematic long-term investment issues from our global investment teams, and commissions research on topics it believes could be impactful to markets. The committee selects the research papers it believes are most relevant to our clients for development into external papers, enabling us to transparently share our thoughts and how they are evolving over time.


    Research papers are created as part of our top-down investment process

    The primary conduit for discussion regarding long-term economic and market themes is the monthly Economics meeting. This meeting is chaired by Global CIO, Adrian Grey, and attended by heads of desks with regional or strategy responsibilities and relevant portfolio managers and analysts. The meeting seeks to pinpoint where we are in the economic cycle, and to discuss longer-term trends that could impact markets.

    Economic forecasts are fed into the Economics meeting by the Global Rates and Macro Research team. This team is headed by Gareth Colesmith, Head of Global Rates and Macro Research, is made up of seven investment professionals with over twenty years' average experience and draws upon expertise from across the firm. The team meets weekly and, in addition to their portfolio management responsibilities, is tasked with forecasting key economic variables such as growth and inflation. These forecasts are used alongside factors such as political influences, central bank culture and monetary policy framework to formulate interest rate views that feed into appropriate portfolios and our investment process more broadly. Analysis is undertaken at both a country and global level, factoring in the influence that policy changes at key central banks can have on their global counterparts.

    Members of our investment teams are tasked with the production of research papers on key topics, with their analysis presented at the Economics meeting to ensure that they are subject to a broad range of critical analysis. Research projects are overseen by Insight’s Global Macro Research function, headed by Gareth Colesmith, which aims to maintain a consistently high quality of internal macroeconomic and thematic research. For specialist topics, Insight draws upon external expertise to complement their internal research.


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