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We believe that our Currency Solutions Team is one of the industry’s most experienced teams, specialising in quantitative solutions, risk management techniques and macro discretionary strategies. The team’s experience allows us to produce high-quality research, keeping our clients updated on both current market events and long-term strategic issues.

We are a global provider of currency solutions that works in partnership with our clients to deliver fully tailored solutions. Managing currency risk is as important as asset allocation in determining the outcome of a portfolio. At Insight, we believe we have the skills and range of products needed to support clients in formulating a currency strategy and customising a currency solution to fit their objectives. Part of our consultative and holistic approach involves working closely with clients to help establish and review strategic currency policy, underlying asset coverage, implementation considerations and the possible diversification benefits of both quantitative and macro discretionary approaches to currency management. 

Insight has considerable experience in managing bespoke currency solutions for clients across passive hedging, dynamic hedging and currency absolute return. Our capabilities include trading all developed and emerging market currencies in both spot and derivative markets. Insight is committed to minimising FX trading costs for our clients and has employed BestX as our independent TCA provider.

Why Insight for Currency Solutions?

  • Experienced and well established investment team with €51.8bn in AUM1
  • Dedicated product specialists and client relationship team
  • Well established currency portfolio management process with focus on risk control
  • Quality trading and best execution
  • Holistic collateral management
  • Solution-based approach with broad spectrum of currency capabilities since 1991
  • Expertise in legal and regulatory requirements
  • Detailed reporting (performance, exposures, transactions)
  • Market commentary, bespoke whitepapers and thought leadership

Our approaches

Passive hedging

Insight has considerable experience in delivering passive hedging strategies for large institutional investors worldwide. Our passive hedging strategies focus on quality of implementation and ensuring transaction costs are kept to a minimum and our technological capabilities allow for complex underlying exposure data to be processed accurately from multiple sources.

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Dynamic hedging

When it comes to dynamic hedging solutions, our investment philosophy is founded on the belief that developed market currency exposure represents an unrewarded risk, that the characteristics of this risk change through time and that this risk can be measured and managed.

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Absolute return

Our currency alpha products are designed to consider all key medium-term drivers of currency markets covering both a quantitative approach to alternative risk premia as well as a discretionary approach to macro fundamental analysis.

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1AUM as at 31 March 2023.

Important information

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