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Asset-backed securities

Investing in a portfolio of asset-backed securities (ABS) provides exposure to an asset class with a potentially attractive risk/reward profile. Our experienced team invests in a wide range of asset-backed bonds that benefit from a diversified pool of underlying collateral with strong investor covenants.

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Responsible Horizons solutions

Insight’s Responsible Horizons solutions are specifically designed for investors seeking responsible investment outcomes. They share a clear set of qualification criteria which seek to identify sustainable businesses emphasising our ESG proprietary data, research and analysis.

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Secured finance

Secured finance is an alternative to investing in investment grade corporate bonds without compromising on credit quality. Investing in the asset class could help investors target diverse streams of stable, long-term, high quality cashflows.

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Investments in bonds are affected by interest rates and inflation trends which may affect the value of the portfolio.

Please refer to the underlying fund or strategy page for details of the specific risks associated with investment.