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    Corporate social responsibility

    Corporate social responsibility

    There are three key elements, or pillars, of our work in CSR. The three pillars relate to our corporate responsibilities to:
    • Our markets – we seek to protect client interests and operate our business with integrity and resilience
    • Our people – we seek to encourage effective leadership, well-being, diversity and inclusion for our staff
    • Our world – we seek to invest and act responsibly to protect the wider world and, locally, to support the community including through the sponsorship of the arts and sciences and charitable partnerships.

    On this page, we take a deeper look at what this means in practice.

    Our markets

    We seek to achieve our goals through robust risk management and governance and aim for forward-looking identification and assessment of potential risks considering both quantitative and qualitative impacts. This takes the form of clear reporting and escalation processes to ensure that the residual risk profile of the firm is appropriate and in line with the Board's risk appetite and timely setting and regular monitoring of actions required to reduce the risk profile or improve the control environment where these are deemed appropriate.

    We believe seeking to understand and mitigate systemic risks within our clients’ investments and the wider financial system is directly relevant for most of our clients, whether we are managing risk management (including liability driven investment), fixed income, or another type of strategy on their behalf.

    To read more about Insight’s efforts to advocate on behalf of our clients on a range of issues, please click here.

    Our people

    We aim to develop successful leaders and managers who drive high productivity and engagement within their teams while challenging ourselves and our recruitment partners to ensure we have the right initiatives in place to encourage the promotion and development of a diverse workforce.

    Insight’s employees are critical stakeholders in the business.  New joiners receive induction training and the opportunity to meet the CEO and the Head of Human Resources.  This typically takes place a few weeks after joining Insight which gives new joiners the opportunity to review how Insight does things and make suggestions of how things could be improved, which is then taken on board by HR representatives. 

    Insight is a strong believer in employee development delivering a range of training programs designed to encourage employee and manager development at all levels. Our challenging environment provides the right conditions for employees to hone their skills and expertise and develop within the business.

    Insight recognises that diversity of thought, talent and experience is critical to the continued success of our business, industry and society.

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    We believe that well integrated, diverse teams deliver better outcomes. Our mission is to ensure that Insight continues to cultivate our culture of inclusion where people with different perspectives and backgrounds can thrive and collaborate.


    In order to remain a competitive and high performing firm, Insight aims to move towards an employee profile that reflects the environments in which we operate while maintaining our culture of inclusion that maximises the talent of all our colleagues.

    Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, mission statement

    Diversity, equity and inclusion are strategic priorities at Insight. We believe that having a workforce that reflects the broader society in which we operate enhances the way we think, adds significant value to decision making and is the right thing to do. No gender, ethnicity, or other social group has a monopoly on good ideas and talent. When recruiting we cast the net wide to attract the very best people from the broadest demographics and backgrounds possible. Hiring diverse talent into our inclusive and collaborative culture enables us to achieve a significant competitive advantage through our people.

    There are a clear set of values embedded within Insight’s culture:

    • Client Focus: Insight’s clients always come first and we combine this perspective with an environment for our employees that promotes a culture of innovation, collaboration, diversity and inclusion.
    • Accountability: We foster a strong culture of ownership, providing our staff autonomy and trust from the start, allowing them to make their own decisions that impact our business.
    • Teamwork: We create a culture of camaraderie and trust in our business. We focus on getting the right people with the right expertise and combining them in a diverse team to work together to deliver results.
    • Cognitive Agility: We are inquisitive, skilled in analysing information and forming an opinion and then we take the initiative to act.
    • Continuous Improvement: We maintain a questioning attitude and are not afraid to speak up and challenge conventional thinking or the status quo.

    Click here to learn more about Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Insight

    Our world

    We support a global charity partner that has been voted for by colleagues, who then also take part in fundraising and volunteering. We have addressed the use of single use plastic in the office and encourage colleagues to recycle more and reduce waste from printers.

    Insight Cares (Our corporate social responsibility Charity committee)

    Insight Cares comprises members from across the business who meet monthly to lead the development and implementation of our CSR strategy. Its mission is to promote team camaraderie through giving, raising awareness, engagement and volunteerism.

    Charity partner: We have a relationship with a global charity partner which is reviewed on a periodic basis. The charity is selected on the following criteria.

    • Should have a presence in the cites in which we operate
    • This will ensure that all Insight locations are working together to support a common goal
    • Should provide the opportunity for colleagues to donate their time and expertise as part of a volunteering programme
    • These volunteering opportunities should be available locally to Insight office locations
    • Should ideally offer the ability for colleagues to support specific projects or programmes
    • These can either be a series of smaller projects or an overarching programme over the term of the partnership

    Supporting public awareness of the arts


    We are very proud to work in partnership with the Royal Academy as the lead sponsor of its Summer Exhibition, the world’s largest open submission contemporary art show. 2024 is our 18th year as sponsor and the 256th consecutive year in which the RA has mounted the Summer Exhibition. This open, inclusive and democratic show supports the artistic community, art education and provides a display of creativity and joy for the public. The 2024 show is coordinated by sculptor Ann Christopher RA and offers a diverse array of contemporary works including prints, paintings, films, photography, sculpture, and architectural works by a mix of art by household names and emerging talent

    Read more

    Tackling impersonation fraud

    Insight is very alert to the threat posed by criminals who masquerade as authorised investment firms in their attempts to defraud investors. We have seen cases where fraudsters have misused our brand, recreated fake versions of our materials and have impersonated members of our staff in their efforts to deceive investors. This sadly sometimes results in individuals sharing their identity documents and remitting funds to fraudsters accounts. Fraudsters can be very convincing, and investors have lost significant sums of money because of the activities of these criminals. Impersonation fraud is an international concern and we have seen attempts to misuse our brand originate from multiple geographies.

    • Insight is therefore very active in identifying and reporting attempts to misuse our name as well as doing what is possible to close fraudulent email domains and websites down.
    • As a responsible member of the investment community, we also work to raise awareness of the threat of fraud.
    • Insight has controls established around all shared contact emails to ensure incoming fraud enquiries are logged and that investors receive timely responses confirming that the contact made to the investor is not us.
    • Insight also issues regular reminders through its social media accounts and regularly updates its web notices, for example with advice for investors about how to avoid impersonation fraud.
    • We encourage investors who are concerned that they have been contacted by fraudsters to report to the Financial Conduct Authority (the FCA) and to Action Fraud, the national fraud and cyber crime reporting centre. We also ask them to tell us about it directly, in as much detail as they can, via
    • More broadly, we advise that it is also worth discussing fraud risks with your family and friends and the more vulnerable members of our society in particular. The following sites have good resources for advice on avoiding investment and pension scams: Action FraudFCA ScamSmart and Which? Consumer Rights.
    • We firmly believe this growing problem can only be properly addressed through urgent government action and targeted legislation, focused on increasing the accountability of search engines for the content they host. Our view is that the scale of the problem is significantly greater due to victims being unwilling to report fraud or being unaware that they have been defrauded. The lack of enforcement against these scams leads us to expect the situation to deteriorate. Insight made these concerns plain to legislators in relation to the Online Safety Bill.
    • Enhanced brand protection services to prevent fraud: In 2019 we enhanced our ability to challenge online frauds targeting the general public and Insight contacts by adding an online brand protection service to identify groups seeking to use Insight’s trademarks and identity to mislead contacts and commit financial fraud. Several fraudulent enterprises have been identified and shut down and ongoing monitoring of the digital landscape has been enhanced as an early warning system.
    • Insight places great importance on the integrity of its information processing and has a low appetite for information risk. As well as its own operational requirements, Insight commits to protecting clients’ information and individual privacy to the highest standards. The Information Security Management System (ISMS) operates in a governance structure which is visible and accessible to the firm’s senior management. To provide assurance to clients, regulators and others that management of these priorities is aligned with the best modern practice, with the appetite of the firm, and the needs of stakeholders, Insight has chosen to obtain and maintain public certification of compliance with the relevant standards, obtaining and retaining certification to ISO 27001 (Information Security) since 2008, and ISO 22301 (Business Continuity) since 2012.


    CSR report

    BNY Mellon uses its resources and expertise to create positive social impact. For more information please read its ESG Enterprise Report for 2021, available for download here.


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