Risk management

    Risk management

    Managing all aspects of risk across your portfolio is key. We are a specialist in managing liability risks for pension schemes.

    A leading risk manager


    assets managed by solutions group globally1


    Year Insight launched its LDI capability


    Insight is one of the largest managers of LDI based on worldwide assets2


    LDI investment professionals3

    A specialist in LDI

    Insight’s leadership in LDI is built on years of experience helping a wide range of pension schemes, large and small, to develop and implement robust long-term funding strategies focused on their endgame objectives. Over the years we have helped our clients to evolve their approach in response to changing circumstances and market conditions.

    Interest rate and inflation risks


    We have long experience and expertise in managing the key liability risks for defined benefit pension schemes, using both pooled and segregated LDI solutions.

    Our hedge management approach aims to ensure our LDI solutions remain efficient and cost-effective in a very dynamic market and regulatory environment.

    Insight's LDI platform has risk protection mechanisms which have helped to protect our clients through stressed market events.

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