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    Prime corporate ESG ratings

    Prime corporate ESG ratings

    Insight's corporate debt portfolio managers can use the Prime corporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) ratings to identify potential ESG risks, inform their engagement, and to build portfolios with specific ESG criteria.

    Information on material ESG risks can be crucial for effective investment decisions, but ESG data providers often disagree on the material risks for corporates, and there are gaps in available information.

    The ratings are based on ESG data from multiple inputs, adjusted using our in-house expertise, and aim to more accurately and reliably reflect the risks that corporate issuers face.

    The Prime corporate ESG ratings online tool aims to help you understand how Prime can help identify key ESG risks for corporate debt issuers, offering a simple visualisation of Prime ESG ratings by industry and region, highlighting notable results.


    Issuers covered by Insight’s Prime corporate ESG ratings1


    ESG factors covered1


    Insight introduced proprietary ESG ratings for corporates2


    Proportion of investment grade corporate debt indices covered3

    Prime corporate ESG ratings: built on cutting-edge technology and in-depth analysis

    Our detailed paper explains how Prime corporate ESG ratings highlight the ESG risks and opportunities across the corporate fixed income universe.


    Seeking ESG ratings that reflect the reality on the ground?

    We explain how the Prime corporate ESG ratings process the best available data, with our portfolio managers and analysts overlaying their expertise to ensure the ratings reflect the risks that companies face.


    Considering how to incorporate ESG analysis into your investments?

    We show how the Prime ratings inform our investment decisions by highlighting potential risks and opportunities driven by ESG factors.


    Looking to understand the ESG risks in your corporate debt portfolio?

    We outline how we generate the Prime corporate ESG ratings, with scores covering a wide range of issues – giving detailed insights into the specific ESG risks that challenge companies.

    Prime corporate ESG ratings FAQ

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