Integrated risk management solutions

With 2022 marking the beginning of a new regulatory environment for Irish pension schemes under IORP II, trustees are now required to document their approach to the risk management of their pension scheme, including analysis of risks in a forward-looking manner.

Insight has continued to invest and develop our capabilities in recent years to provide market-leading risk management solutions to defined benefit pension schemes.

Our unique approach shifts the focus of investment and risk management to:

  • targeting future objectives;
  • measuring forward-looking risks; and
  • prioritising the management of increasing amounts of pensions payments in future years.

Our approach is sufficiently flexible for each pension scheme’s funding plan and objective, and takes into account assets from all managers.

Our risk management approach has three pillars:

  • lock down;
  • pay;
  • grow.

Our framework enables Trustees to focus on the decisions that matter the most to them

Efficient governance

Financial solutions in numbers

  • 2004 Insight launched its financial solutions capability
  • €707.4bn in assets managed by our fixed income and financial solutions groups
  • €124.60bn assets managed for cashflow-aware clients

As at 31 March 2023. Assets under management (AUM) are represented by the value of cash securities and other economic exposure managed for clients. Assets managed by our fixed income and financial solutions groups include clients who have liability driven investment, fixed income and cashflow-aware strategies.