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    Fixed income

    Fixed income

    Insight offers a full spectrum of fixed income capabilities.
    For Australian investors, we highlight our global credit, global aggregate and high income strategies.

    Performance through precision and diversification

    Insight’s fixed income investment philosophy aims to deliver consistent performance through precision and diversification.

    By precision, we mean targeting only the risks we consider attractive, while aiming to eliminate unintended risks. Through diversification we seek to add value through actively managing risk and return potential across a broad range of investment opportunities.

    Based on this approach, we aim to identify the most attractive risk-adjusted returns across the full range of fixed income opportunities, over a range of time horizons and market conditions. We believe integrating ESG considerations in fixed income investment processes, where possible and relevant, can support better investment decision-making and ultimately help our clients to achieve their desired outcomes.

    We believe that precise risk-targeting and diversified sources of return can provide the potential for more consistent performance from fixed income portfolios.

    Adrian Grey, Global Chief Investment Officer


    Insight launched its global sovereign strategy


    Insight launched its global credit strategy


    Insight launched its global aggregate strategy


    Fixed income investment professionals globally1

    Global fixed income

    Insight has years of experience investing in global fixed income markets. This experience is used for clients seeking a range of active solutions; from access to specific asset classes or aggregate strategies, to solution-driven and efficient-beta approaches.


    Our global credit strategy aims to generate returns ahead of the wider market, and has the flexibility to invest across investment grade and high yield corporate bonds, loans, asset-backed securities and emerging market debt.


    Our global aggregate strategy pursues returns ahead of the wider market, and invests across government bond and currency markets, with some flexibility to invest in other fixed income sectors.

    Insight's High Income Fund seeks to deliver attractive, consistent income with capital appreciation over the medium to long term by investing in a subset of the US High Yield market. The Fallen Angels index has an average rating of BB; provides opportunity for structural alpha and is broadly diversified. Our strategy uses a systematic, active approach to security selection, and an innovative credit portfolio trading approach to significantly reduce transaction costs and improve liquidity.2

    A wide array of specialist strategies
    Below we feature a few of our specialist fixed income strategies.

    If you require an application form, please contact: insightau@insightinvestment.com

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