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“Building an inclusive culture and recruiting and developing diverse teams ensures that our thinking remains fresh and innovative.”

Insight’s Culture

Insight is a place where everyone is encouraged to share their views. We think differently and we want to challenge the status quo. We are proud to have a culture free of bias and this is embedded in the way we recruit, promote and collaborate in our teams.

It is this uniqueness of thought that makes us different.

Learn more about initiatives to encourage diversity and inclusion here.

Leadership Development

We have introduced a leadership development programme through a partnership with Henley Business School. This tailored programme, aimed at our senior managers, has been designed to develop key leadership skills, develop leadership impact and helping our leaders to build effective teams where everyone is encouraged to contribute.

We have also designed a bespoke “Women in Insight” programme which is aimed at developing our senior female leaders. We support our talented female colleagues with a combination of one to one coaching and a focus on areas such as empowerment, personal impact and networking. All of which is designed to encourage them to develop their careers and fulfil their potential.

Our managers are invited to attend inclusive leadership training which focuses on alleviating bias from our culture and fostering an open environment.


At Insight we challenge our recruitment partners to produce balanced shortlists to enable talented female candidates to join us at all levels of our business.

We also sponsor recruitment events which will target women into Asset Management and encourage a diverse mix of graduates to apply to our rotational programme.

Gender Pay Gap Reporting

The UK government equalities office has introduced legislation which requires employers with 250 or more UK employees to publish information in respect of their gender pay gap.

Measuring a gender pay gap is not the same as measuring equal pay. Equal pay means being paid the same for the same / similar work. Insight conducts reviews across all comparable roles to ensure that men and women are paid equally for doing equivalent jobs.

The 2020 Gender Pay Gap report can be found here.

In numbers

  • 1,073 workforce globally
  • 79% of colleagues agree Insight is a place where people from diverse backgrounds can succeed
  • 83% of colleagues believe Insight sets high standards of performance
  • 82% of colleagues would recommend Insight as a place to work
  • 81% of colleagues are proud to tell others they work for Insight
  • 78% of colleagues enjoy working at Insight

Number of employees as at 30 September 2021. All other stats are from the 2019 annual employee survey.