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Many investors are looking to achieve a positive environmental or social impact, and to invest in sustainable businesses that will stand the test of time. For this reason, we have created a clear set of qualification criteria for Insight strategies which have been specifically designed for investors seeking responsible investment outcomes.

To qualify as a Responsible Horizons strategy, each investment portfolio will reflect the following blend of responsible investment criteria:

  • Emphasise the best and avoid the worst performers on ESG issues, based on research powered by Insight Prime
  • Reflect long-term themes, such as climate change and social inequality
  • Avoid investments with a negative impact, including tobacco producers
  • Apply a higher hurdle for environmentally sensitive industries, like energy companies
  • Provide transparency on the application of Insight proprietary ratings and key ESG performance indicators through customised reporting

In addition to these criteria, specific strategies may also reflect additional guidelines which we believe reflect best practice in responsible investment for the investment category and financial and non-financial outcomes targeted in each case. We also support a range of segregated responsible investment solutions that reflect individually customised responsible investment objectives. Please contact one of our team to discuss tailoring to your requirements.

We expect Responsible Horizons strategies to reflect best practice in responsible investment and as a firm we continuously develop data quality, research and engagement and the range of solutions for clients. You can find out more about our engagement activity here and review our proprietary corporate ESG ratings here. We are committed to continuous improvement, innovation, and collaboration with asset owners and the asset management industry to ensure the most effective approach to investment and sustainability.

Insight's responsible investment and fixed income credentials

  • Insight was a founding signatory to the PRI in 2006, the world’s leading proponent of responsible investment. In 2020, we were awarded A+ ratings across the relevant categories in the PRI survey, including corporate and sovereign debt1.

  • We have been supporters of the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC) and CDP initiatives since our founding in 2002.

  • Insight manages ESG strategies including those with best-in-class, climate, positive impact and exclusion objectives and criteria. We manage more than £16.6bn in ESG strategies. Alongside Prime corporate ESG ratings, Insight uses proprietary sovereign ESG and climate risk ratings.

  • Our Credit Analysis Team has an average industry experience of 17 years across 47 analysts, and draws on the expertise of Insight’s wider Fixed Income Group, which comprises 168 investment professionals in total. Insight invests £101.7bn across the full universe of credit opportunities, comprising both physical securities and credit derivatives2.

  • Insight has received a range of accolades. Most recently, Insight was named ESG Manager of the Year and Investment Manager of the Year at the Professional Pensions UK Pensions Awards 2021, and ESG Fixed Income Manager of the Year at the Sustainable Investment Awards, 20213. We are proud to have ranked in the top decile for Overall Quality in Fixed Income in every year since 2013, based on Greenwich Associates 2021 UK Investment Consultant Research4.

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1PRI Annual Assessment Report, 2020. For more information, please visit: https://www.insightinvestment. com/responsible-horizons/pri-ratings/

2As at 31 March 2022. Assets under management (AUM) are represented by the value of cash securities and other economic exposure managed for clients.

3Awards do not constitute a recommendation of Insight or its services. Awards are not wholly indicative of past or future performance. The description and the selection methodologies of awards may be subjective and will vary.

4Source: Greenwich Associates.

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