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We believe the answer to most insurers’ investment challenges lies in taking a liability-driven approach, which means focusing first on the key characteristics of the liabilities and then employing the most appropriate investment strategy given their investment objectives and constraints, paying due regard to the insurance capital and accounting frameworks.

With our broad range of specialist investment capabilities in liability-driven investment, fixed income, absolute return, multi-asset and derivative risk management, we believe that we have all the relevant building blocks to achieve our clients’ desired outcomes and support their investment challenges in this extended period of low interest rates.

Our solutions take account of both the nature of our clients’ liabilities and the insurance capital requirements associated with each investment. We can adapt to changing regulatory requirements. We are able to implement flexible and capital efficient solutions, using our investment expertise and strong derivatives management capability.

Any investment in our pooled fund strategies includes fully transparent reporting capabilities to enable insurers to model and realise capital efficiencies. We also provide indicative Solvency Capital Requirement (SCR) estimates and indicative credit ratings for not publicly rated financial instruments.

Please refer to the underlying fund or strategy page for details of the specific risks associated with investment.