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As an experienced absolute return and diversified growth fund manager, we aim to provide our clients with a more predictable and less volatile route to generating returns.

We employ dynamic asset allocation frameworks around our strategies to help improve risk-adjusted returns and we seek to ensure that our insurance clients only hold capital where the risk is fully rewarded by upside potential. We believe these strategies deliver more stable balance sheets for our insurance clients.

We also offer less traditional investment solutions such as farmland.

Our Strategies

Absolute return bond funds

As fixed income markets change, many investors are struggling to balance the need for growth with the need to minimise downside risk. Our absolute return bond funds look to capture our 'best ideas' and aim to provide attractive returns in all market conditions.

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Absolute Insight Fund

Our Absolute Insight Fund invests across Insight's range of absolute return funds. With allocations to absolute return strategies focusing on asset classes including equities, credit, emerging market debt and currency, the portfolio is designed to provide resilient performance even when market conditions are changing.

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Absolute Insight Currency Fund

Our Absolute Insight Currency Fund seeks to provide attractive, positive returns in all market conditions by investing across global currency markets. It has exhibited low correlations to more traditional asset classes, making it an excellent source of potential diversification within a wider portfolio, especially when volatility is rising or other asset classes are struggling.

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Absolute Insight Emerging Market Debt Fund

Our Absolute Insight Emerging Market Debt Fund takes a distinctive approach to investing in emerging market debt, focusing on what the managers consider to be the best investment ideas across the asset class.

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Absolute Insight Credit Fund

Our fully flexible long-short Absolute Insight Credit Fund aims to provide attractive, positive absolute returns in all market conditions and is able to invest across investment grade and sub-investment grade credit.

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Absolute Insight Equity Market Neutral Fund

Our Absolute Insight Equity Market Neutral Fund is designed to produce absolute returns with low volatility, deploying a diversified portfolio that aims to generate growth that is not correlated with mainstream asset classes. It aims to deliver returns from stock picking by holding pairs of long and short positions to hedge out unwanted risk.

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Insight Broad Opportunities Fund

Aims to generate a return of cash plus 4.5% pa (gross of fees) over rolling five-year periods1, along with materially lower volatility than equity markets. Designed for institutional investors.

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Farmland strategy

Environmental and social factors feature prominently in Insight’s farmland investments and oversight process.

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1Cash represents 3 Month GBP Libid. This performance aim is not a guarantee, may not be achieved and a capital loss may occur. Funds which have a higher performance aim generally take more risk to achieve this and so have a greater potential for the returns to be significantly different than expected.

Please refer to the underlying fund or strategy page for details of the specific risks associated with investment.