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We believe the answer to most insurers’ investment challenges lies in taking a liability-driven approach, which means focusing first on the key characteristics of the liabilities and then employing the most appropriate investment strategy given their investment objectives and constraints, paying due regard to the insurance capital and accounting frameworks.

With our broad range of specialist investment capabilities, we believe that we have all the relevant building blocks to achieve our clients’ desired outcomes and support their investment challenges in this extended period of low interest rates.

We believe we have one of the best resourced and most highly experienced fixed income teams in Europe, which has a robust historical track record and is highly rated by independent consultants1. The key strength in our process lies in its ability to be consistently and continually applied across fixed income markets. We have expertise in a wide range of fixed income strategies relevant to insurers.

Our active strategies

Active credit

Our active strategies provide access to a variety of different fixed income and credit markets, seeking to outperform traditional market benchmarks.

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Buy and maintain

Our buy and maintain strategy offers a smarter way to access global credit market beta relative to traditional passive approaches. We invest in a diversified portfolio of global issuers with strong credit quality based on long-term fundamentals, placing limits on exposure to ensure our portfolios are not over-exposed to the most indebted companies or industries.

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LDI solutions

A segregated approach to LDI suits some pension schemes and can provide a flexible and capital-efficient solution that adapts to market changes. Our partnership approach allows us to build close relationships with both our clients and their advisers, helping them design and implement highly effective solutions that evolve through time, reflecting market conditions as well as their changing requirements.

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Government debt is one of our longest-running asset classes, and we invest in bonds issued in both developed and developing markets. Our team has in-depth experience and global expertise in this area, which we draw on to analyse and compare securities.

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Inflation-linked bonds

Our inflation-linked bond strategies offer long-term liability-matching benefits, as well as a degree of protection from changes in inflation rates. Our approach considers inflation and corporate exposure as individual components and focuses on the broader credit market whilst also designed to provide some inflation protection through the use of derivatives.

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Global credit

Investing in global credit portfolio offers can provide additional diversification against potentially divergent economic, interest rate and political risk. It also strives to deliver more opportunities for active funds to outperform. Our strategies take advantage of Insight's global credit resource and expertise across fixed income.

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Our aggregate bond portfolios have the flexibility to invest where they see the best opportunities across fixed income markets. Our dynamic market allocation approach looks to exploit what we percieve as opportunities in government and corporate bonds as well as more specialist investments.

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Responsible Horizons Euro Corporate Bond strategy

The Responsible Horizons Euro Corporate Bond strategy seeks to profit from opportunities in bond and derivative markets, and will only invest where minimum standards for environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are met.

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Asset-backed securities

Investing in a portfolio of asset-backed securities (ABS) provides exposure to an asset class with a potentially attractive risk/reward profile. Our experienced team invests in a wide range of asset-backed bonds that benefit from a diversified pool of underlying collateral with strong investor covenants.

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Emerging market debt

We have designed a range of emerging market debt capabilities that offer investors structural exposure to emerging markets across the full universe with varying degrees of alpha exposure. Investors can access the opportunity set according to their risk/return preferences, tapping into attractive beta as well as alpha opportunities.

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High yield

Sub-investment grade debt markets can offer the prospect of higher yields than investment grade markets for higher credit risks. At Insight, we emphasise a short-dated approach to high yield which has the potential to lower credit risks and volatility while retaining higher yields than investment grade markets. Short-dated high yield offers little in the way of interest rate risks and is more influenced by prevailing economic conditions. 

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Senior loans can be a potentially efficient source of attractive risk-adjusted returns. They can offer security and floating rate returns and higher yields than investment grade credit in a low-yielding fixed income environment.

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Secured finance

Secured finance is an alternative to investing in investment grade corporate bonds without compromising on credit quality. Investing in the asset class could help investors target diverse streams of stable, long-term, high quality cashflows.

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Currency solutions

At Insight, we view unintended exposure to foreign exchange rates as a significant unmanaged risk in portfolios. Global currencies are prone to extreme moves, owing to structural breaks in drivers of currency or market cycles.

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1Source: Greenwich Associates 2021 UK Investment Consultant Research. LDI results are based on interviews with 11 UK consultants evaluating LDI. Fixed income results are based on interviews with 11 UK consultants evaluating fixed income managers. Greenwich Quality Index Overall is a composite of Investment and Service scores.

Important information

The value of investments and any income from them will fluctuate and is not guaranteed (this may be partly due to exchange rate fluctuations). Investors may not get back the full amount invested. Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

Please refer to the underlying fund or strategy page for details of the specific risks associated with investment.